Why You Need a Daily Routine

Adding structure to your day, especially in times of uncertainty, can make all the difference. With everything going on, it can feel scary when it’s out of your hands and beyond your control. I try to focus on what I can impact, and that’s my reaction to things and my schedule. It’s working really well for me so far, so here’s a look at my weekday daily routine to take as inspiration when creating yours:

6:30AM – I wake up to my phone alarm (or naturally) and do my morning skincare routine. It’s cleanser and moisturizer – I keep it simple. I cannot sleep in until 8:57AM and take a 9AM call – I am not one of those people! I need time to wake up and it’s just better for all parties if I come caffeinated.

7:00AM – Check in on my family, clean up the kitchen and prepare breakfast for myself and anyone who’s awake. I usually do scrambled eggs à la Ramsay and a latte (or two if it’s mid-week).

7:30AM – I work on my blog during the time I otherwise would have been commuting. I love this part of my day – this is time I lost during my commute into NYC, so it’s a luxury for me.

8:45AM – I get really into blogging, so I have an alarm set as a cue to get dressed for work. I pick out my outfit of the day (choosing to wear an all black uniform for years makes this super fast) and pop on my quick 5-minute face.

9:00AM – I log onto my work laptop and start my day in my home office. My team blocks off the first half an hour, so I don’t have meetings yet (until the marathon that typically begins at 9:30). I take this opportunity to blast music and form my plan of attack.

12:00PM – At about noon, I pop down to my kitchen and prepare lunch. I don’t really meal prep, so I try to fix myself something fast and filling, with minimal clean up. These days it’s my go-to – a kimchi rice bowl.

6:00-6:30PM (target) – Time to wrap up the loose ends from the day. Truthfully, it’s sometimes later, sometimes earlier. It depends on the status of my projects.

~6:45PM – I change out of my work clothes and grab my guitar. I’m making some strides (well, for a complete beginner), and it’s a hobby that’s not somehow work related. I LOVE what I do for a living, and that’s truly what I do for fun in my spare time. Sometimes it can be hard to stop, so introducing a non-work adjacent hobby has been really healthy for me. I wish I had done it sooner!

7:00PM – Prepare dinner while FaceTiming a friend, followed by cleaning up the kitchen.

8:00PM – Dinner with my family – my mom and I have been doing theme nights to keep things interesting. The other day it was Irani food, then it was Greek, and tonight it’s Arab. If this continues, I think I need to add fitness to this daily routine!

8:30PM – Watch videos from my favorite creators on YouTube or binge a few episodes on Netflix.

10:30PM – Wash off my makeup and get ready for bed. I’m obsessed with TikTok and have been trying to wean myself off. Depending on how strong my willpower is with TikTok, I end up dozing off around 11PM.

It’s been a few weeks now with this routine and it’s working out well. Having a hint of normalcy in the middle of chaos has been better for my health, and I recommend it to you, too. Of course your day may look different (with other family or health obligations), but give it a try. You’ll be surprised what a little structure can do.

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