Where to Shop in Portland

Imagine a whole city full of artists simply creating. That’s one of the many reasons I love Portland.

If you like taking long, romantic strolls around Paper Source, you’re going to love the original, handcrafted products created and sold in Portland, Oregon.

Put on your walking shoes and hit up Portland’s awesome shopping districts:

Portland Saturday Market

Well, this one’s not really a shopping district, but on Saturdays & Sundays until Christmas, all sorts of vendors set up shop by Tom McCall Waterfront park. When I went, I was stuffed full of Voodoo Donuts and on a sugar-induced shopping rampage. It was here that I met Abigail Renola Tjaden (also known as ARTJaden). I loved her products so much that I had to have this awesome Mt. Hood hoodie (that I proceeded to wear throughout the trip) and a rose hat (because rose city). Interested? You can purchase from Abigail’s Etsy page here! There was also an older saxophonist playing Chainsmoker songs. It was glorious.

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NW 23rd Street

Cute little shops lined this street, from shops we all know and love like Lush to local boutiques like Ether (where I purchased farrrr too many pairs of sunglasses). My favorite store on the street would have to be Tender Loving Empire. They were fully stocked with one of a kind jewelry, notes, posters, and more. I purchased this pair of gold earrings. At first, it just appears like a geometric pattern, but it’s actually a map of Portland. I’m so glad I bought this – I put them on whenever I’m feeling down and it fills me with joy. You can also buy these on the artist’s Etsy page here!

Alberta Arts District

I’m so glad I hopped over the bridge to check out more of Portland’s awesome shopping destinations. The Alberta Arts District was lined with cute coffee shops, stationery stores, apparel, and was basically everything I was looking for. My favorite shops (aka where I did the most damage to my bank account) were Darling Distraction and Collage. I picked up a ton of office decor from DD (and HELLO office inspiration), and grabbed art supplies and calligraphy how-to books from Collage. I felt so inspired in the city that I had to create right then and there!

Pearl District

Hello, Pearl District. Here you’ll find the famous Powell’s City of Books, the largest used and new bookstore in the world. I spent a rainy morning browsing the massive bookstore – it actually takes up an entire block. Huge. If you’re going in a group, set a meeting spot because you’re bound to get lost in all the aisles upon aisles of books! I also popped over to the nearby Buffalo Exchange to try on some thrift wears. Quick tip – if you didn’t pack for the weather while on a trip, buy a cheap piece at a thrift store!

North Mississippi Avenue

Although I didn’t buy much on Mississippi (besides food of course), this spot was worth the trek. I window-shopped through the street, popping into places like record store Beacon Sound and clothing shop Animal Traffic. Although many of the stores had kitschy merchandise, I’d say if time allows, check it out for the experience.

Guys, I’m telling you – Portland will steal your heart. Throw your budget out the window, get your wallet ready, and dive right into a whole city of handmade products and cute stationery!

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