So You Want to Go to FIT? | My Fashion Institute of Technology Experience

I’ve unearthed this SUPER popular post I wrote on my old blog (BEAUTYON7TH) in 2013. It’s all about my Fashion Institute of Technology experience. Here it is in all its glory:

First of all, you’re smart for considering the Fashion Institute of Technology. It’s an amazing school. How do I know? I transferred there not too long ago, and fell head over heels in love with it.

My Academic History

Originally, I attended the University of Central Florida (for a year) and LOVED IT but out-of-state tuition was pretty steep, so my parents had me come back to New Jersey where I attended Rutgers University. Just to quickly summarize my experience – I really didn’t love it.

If there’s one thing that I like about myself the most, it’s the fact that I don’t settle. If you’re unhappy, identify the issue and DO SOMETHING about it. So, I made a reservation for the FIT Open House. The moment I arrived in Manhattan, I felt awake, energized, and alive. I had a smile on my face and suddenly, I was looking forward to the future again. I knew at that moment that FIT was the place for me.

Will You Get In?

I bet one thing you’re concerned about is, well, whether or not you will get in. I am a Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology student in the one-year Advertising and Marketing Communications program. In order to transfer, I had to fill out an application on SUNY’s college system with my basic information (name, address, etc.) and I also had to send my high school transcript and college transcripts. SAT scores are optional, unless you want to be considered for the Presidential Scholars program, in which case they are required.

My program is not in the School of Art & Design, so I didn’t have to submit a portfolio. You need to wait about 7-10 days to have your myFIT password sent to you via email, and on myFIT you can submit your essay response. Make sure to include as much about yourself, your experience, and your dreams as possible! This is a creative school: they want personality and ambition, not drones! I wrote about how I hope to one day be a marketing professional in the beauty industry.

Why You Should Go to FIT

  • Connections – FIT has the best connections out there. That’s what really sold me on the school. I met with L’Oreal at Rutgers for recruitment and found that it was the only cosmetics company that came to campus. Now I have a professor who once worked at L’Oreal! FIT is connected with pretty much everyone in the fashion industry! You can have your pick of great internships, as they make things HAPPEN.
  • Fashion Week – I worked at a show for NYFW during my second week there. Enough said.
  • A Great Value – I pay out-of-state tuition, and it’s cheaper than New Jersey’s in-state tuition. It’s great. It’s a public school, so it’s cheaper than Parsons.
  • Location – Located in the heart of NYC, FIT is close to everything you need, be it groceries, art supplies, makeup, and of course, food. Plus the campus has its own Starbucks, and it’s also a part of the mealplan. Sometimes I just go on shopping sprees at Sephora in between classes.
  • Safety – Yeah, it’s kind of a pain to have to show your ID every time you step into a building, but I’ve never felt unsafe on campus.
  • Passionate Students – Everyone is ambitious and excited about their future here. At other schools I attended, some people just went to college just to go, not caring very much about what they were doing. I found that to be really annoying, but at FIT you can chat up a student on what they want to do and their eyes light up and they can talk for hours.
  • Education – The professors at FIT are professionals with experience in the field. The lessons are exciting and engaging, and we even have guest speakers come in to connect with & ask questions. Compared to the other colleges I attended, I found FIT to be a little challenging, but it’s all worth it because it’s interesting material.
  • Boys – Just kidding. No. Good luck – FIT female students’ number one gripe is that there aren’t enough straight guys to go around.

I hope my post was useful in your decision making process. Make sure to visit FIT’s website for current information, and cross-check everything. FIT’s website is incredibly useful and informative.

FYI, If the website says one thing, and I said another, definitely go by what the FIT website says! Always.

UPDATE 09/16: You guys asked and I answered! Check out my responses to some frequently asked questions (dorming, admissions, majoring) now that I’m an FIT graduate! 🙂

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