How To Setup Your Home Office

If you’re fortunate enough to work from home these days, either for long periods of time (quarantine) or if you’ve been working remotely regardless, there’s so much value in having a home office.

Last year, I invested in creating a home office for myself – one that was suitable for both my side hustle and for working from home when my corporate job allowed it. I needed a place that was cozy, but also completely separate from my bedroom.

My office isn’t ~staged enough to share online today (there are currently boxes for my new guitar-yes, you read that right-and lighting setup everywhere … !) but here’s what I recommend for your setup.

Disclaimer: These are just recommendations – I know everyone’s situation is different. With an internet connection, you can do anything anywhere, but here’s how I like my home office:

  1. Lighting – The more natural light, the better. I’ve positioned my desk right by my window to avoid eye strain over long periods of time squinting at my computer. I try to conserve electricity as much as I can, so I don’t typically use overhead lighting. If I’m still working into the evening, I turn on this gold desk lamp from Target.
  1. Tech – This is by far the most worthwhile investment of this whole post. I had a bit of buyer’s remorse initially after shelling out for a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but I have to say now that it is so worth it. That, coupled with my monitor (similar), has made working from my laptop at home so much easier.

    For some projects, I like to have a two-monitor setup, or work and hold a video conference at the same time. Super helpful. While I don’t have an iMac ($$$), I’ve found that a regular computer monitor will do just fine. Just make sure to have the proper adapters for it and crosscheck colors on your laptop if you’re doing design work. I propped up my monitor with some books about running away to Paris, which I think about often when I’m at my desk all day. 
  1. Speaker – In between calls, I like to blast music. I have an Amazon Echo next to my monitor and it’s paired to my Spotify account, so Alexa can fire up my curated playlists, tell me about the weather, and share headlines from the day. I find the audio quality to be much better than a Google Home. 
  1. Candles – Okay, so maybe I’ve gone a bit overboard but I love being surrounded by candles. My favorite candle (that I try to burn sparingly) is Diptyque’s Vanille. It’s almost like a special occasion candle for me. I also love the intricate design of Cire Trudon candles, so I have them scattered around my desk.
  1. Desk and Chair – You might recognize this desk if you watch beauty vloggers – it’s the Alex desk from Ikea. My setup includes two sets of drawers, and a long tabletop that fits perfectly under my window. It’s easy to assemble and easy to clean. I paired it with a white and chrome faux-leather chair, topped off with a faux-fur rug that I’ve chosen to drape on the chair. 
  1. A mirror and makeup to touch up – My home office doubles as my makeup room (I did start my career as a beauty blogger, after all). With my office’s preference for video calls, I like to make sure I look presentable.

    I still do my makeup each morning because I enjoy it, and sometimes a quick powder touchup and a reapplication of my signature red lipstick helps power me up for my marathon of meetings.

Other areas of my office (not featured) include my backdrop and lighting setup for shooting products and people, a prop closet with my photo equipment (including a drone I haven’t used since 2017),  a treadmill that is woefully underused (collecting a bit of dust, actually), and a mini fridge stocked with Diet Coke, spring water and Neutrogena Face Masks.

Want to spruce up your home workspace? I’ve assembled some of my favorites below:

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