5 Things to do in Portland

The best part about a solo trip? The itinerary is full of things YOU want to do, when YOU want to do them. Heaven.

I spent five days taking a solo trip in Portland, so I crammed it full with all sorts of activities.

Here are some of my favorites:

Catch Downtown Views at Departure

Grab a drink and head out onto the deck at Departure (part of The Nines hotel). You can get a great view of downtown Portland. I happened to venture over towards sunset and I absolutely loved it. Perfect place for a great photo!

Read at Powell’s

Give. me. all. the. books. You can’t go to Portland and skip Powell’s Books — that’s a crime against humanity. This isn’t your suburban mall Barnes & Noble. This is the king of all bookstores ever. There was no better feeling than wandering around this massive place, buying a few books, and reading by the window while the famous Portland rain poured down. One of my favorite moments.

Step Back in Time at Pittock Mansion

Although you have to pay about $10 bucks to go inside, Pittock Mansion is like stepping in a time machine. I could’ve done without the creepy little dolls in the children’s rooms, but the rest was really interesting. Plus, in the basement they were holding a magazine poster exhibit featuring magazine covers from the 1890s. Around back, you can get an unbeatable view of Portland. Even if you’re not interested in heading inside the mansion, you can’t miss this Kodak moment.

Take in the Beauty at Portland’s Japanese Gardens

Taking advantage of one of Portland’s few sunny days, I ventured to the Japanese Garden. It’s quite the hike to get up there, but the flowers, koi pond, and waterfall made it all worth it. Cool photo spot and a lovely place to feel at one with nature.

Drinks & the drums at The Star Theatre

Catch some live music! An Uber driver tipped me off to The Mercury, a locally known online publication sharing Portland-based news and events. While browsing the site, I found a show that’d be starting within the hour at the Star Theatre and headed out. Although I wasn’t familiar with the performers prior to arrival, I really enjoyed their set and got a chance to chat with them after the show since the venue was so cozy. Highly recommend!

See what I mean?

Portland just has so much to offer. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a vacation, PDX has something for you!

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