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3 Decor Ideas for Your Outdoor Patio

Before all of this, I don’t think I would’ve given patio decor a second thought. Sure, I like being outside, but a fun patio to me meant Naked Taco in Miami after a day at the beach.

In the same boat and want to make use of your outdoor space (on a budget)? Whether you’re giving new life to an old furniture set or scouted out a new set already, here are three decor ideas to help make your patio more cozy for the summer months:


City friends, I’m looking at you. Adding greenery to your space will add a whole new meaning to concrete jungle. Even a couple of leafy friends (one larger, one smaller) will elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space. Here are a few of my favorite planters – they’re minimal in design and low footprint so great for any space.


It can be easy to steer into college dorm/PBTeen mode with the selection of your lighting, so remember less is more. Adding some globe lights will enhance the ambiance of your patio, especially for enjoying an aperitivo after a long day circling around 900 square feet max.

Rugs and Pillows

A great way to add personality and interest to your outdoor space is by adding a rug and a few throw pillows of various sizes and textures. Try to abide by a color scheme or theme when making a selection, and it will really pull a space together.

I’ll be honest – it took a couple of months in quarantine for me to realize the impact of sunshine and a breeze on my mental health.

I unearthed the ancient, taupey grey patio furniture that my parents purchased years ago to start taking my conference calls somewhere other than my home office or read a book in the sun now that the weather is finally on our side. It’ll do for now, but stay tuned for the upgrade.

online shopping … in nature.

With this prolonged time indoors, what are you excited to do on your patio?

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