Hey internet. ?? It’s been a while.

This summer has been one of change.

While I wouldn’t consider myself averse to change, I will say for a while there, things were stagnant– creatively, professionally, personally–and I didn’t do anything about it. I grew restless and needed badly to shake things up. I know now that fear was the main roadblock.

SabaBok.Com was just the start. I left the familiar digitally, and now I needed to translate that to my real life.

If you were an avid reader of my old blog, you’ll remember that I cut out toxic people and situations without a care in the world. I’d always say that if you don’t like the way things are going, change it. Be proactive. Somewhere along the road, I stopped practicing what I preached – there was always an excuse or variable in the way.

Then, it got to the point where I REALLY, TRULY didn’t like the way things were going. It was about time to take the plunge, finally make some changes.

The big one? I left my family home (which to some of you, ain’t no thing, but culturally it’s like the shot heard ‘round the world).

Though I was no stranger to commuting (having done so most of college), coupled with work travel and an always-on full-time job, a three-hour-plus round trip commute daily was just harmful to my health. I decided enough was enough and began searching for a place in New York City, which, during the summer can only be compared to the Hunger Games. It was stressful, soul-sucking, and disheartening.

Later I came to find out that coincidentally, a good friend of mine needed a roommate for her place in a neighborhood I hadn’t considered. Little did I know, that place would be the perfect fit.

This entire moving experience made it abundantly clear to me that like it or not, I was now an adult – independent in all aspects, and not just financially. The past two weeks have been a lesson in cooking the perfect sunny side up eggs, hauling obscenely large furniture up a narrow three-story walkup, and making a house a home.

The space is just starting to come together, and I can’t wait to share more about the process.

Right after I unpacked my final box, professionally I dove right into New York Fashion Week. Being my fourth season with my brand, you’d think it gets old. Maybe front of house does, but backstage beauty will never fail to sparkle in my eyes.

I still remember my first backstage experience years ago in college, capturing content for a brand at the time in utter disbelief that this was actually a job.

Sometimes I still don’t believe it. This season I was backstage at major shows, iPhone in hand, directing top-tier models so I could get the perfect shot for a publication.

The energy, the adrenaline, the passion – creation is at the heart of everything, and in times of difficulty and doubt, I just need to take myself back to the “why.”

With fall signaling new beginnings, I’m excited for the journey ahead.

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