Your work wife: the girl that makes coming to work worth it. My work wife pulls me out of some crazy mid-day slumps, reels me out of office drama, and all in all, she deserves something better than the rest! Feeling the same way? Here are some holiday gift ideas for your work wife!


1 / Weekly agenda: Keep her organized with this week-at-a-glance desktop calendar. This way you can intentionally skip those pointless meetings (you know, the kinds that should have been emails).

2 / Binge watching beauty: Help her stay glamorous while 9 episodes deep in Riverdale. What I love about this kit is that it also includes a beauty mask, a hair tie, and lip balm. Essentials after vegging on the couch all weekend.

3 / Coffee on the go: There’s a 98% chance that her train was running just fine this morning. For the days when transit woes aren’t behind her lateness, at least she’ll have a fresh cup of coffee in a super cute thermos.

4 / Hand cream: Winter weather can wreak havoc on skin, especially your hands in the office’s indoor heating system. Spring for some handcream (which is more like a gift for you, since she’ll inevitably share. It’s called stategy, friends).

5 / Rosé candle: Believe it or not, some feel it’s “inappropriate” to sip rosé from the bottle in the workplace. For wildly strict environments like that, at least rosé candles will suffice ’til 5PM (they also make for cute decor at your desk).

I hope you discovered something for your workwife. Have another idea? Let me know in the comments!

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