So you’ve sat down, credit card in hand, determined to get ahead of your holiday shopping. You’re organized this year, list of people to buy for and all. You grab a cup of lukewarm tea, ready to have at it.

Just one thing, though … you have *no idea* what to buy, or hell, where to start. You can’t get them what you got last year, and not to mention you’re a baller on a budget.

Not to worry – to make your holiday shopping easier, I’ve created several gift guides to help your search!

Let’s start with the jetsetter. You know the type, Bali one week, Amsterdam the next! She’s your nomadic bff, Instagraming all her amazing adventures. Why not make her travels a bit more comfortable? Here are my suggestions:

1 / Eye mask: How cute is this find from PaperSource? I included these in a little mailer to bloggers for  my job a little while back, and the girls loved this! It’s fake leather but still plush on the opposite side, blocking out the light while looking super chic. So chic, your gift recipient won’t care that she’s in a non-reclining seat by the plane bathroom.

2 / Noise cancelling headphones: The best purchase I’ve ever made (aside from my cameras, of course!). These Bose headphones drown out all the noise, while keeping your podcasts and Spotify playlists sounding crisp. Crying baby on board? What baby? Seriously, these have saved me aboard many a flight (and strange mornings with interesting people on the NYC subway), highly suggest.

3 / Sleek luggage:  No doubt that at one point, her luggage will get pretty roughed up through continued travels. Why not pick her up an ultra cute and convenient carry-on bag for her next trip? Plus, with the portable charger built in, she can keep you updated on her journey! (P.S. The sand color is cute, too!)

4 / Passport case + luggage tag: A matching navy set? This is perfect for her next vacation. The fact that it’s a steal at just under $20 aside, this chic duo would be perfect in her travel photos!

5 / Blowdrier: My obsession with Drybar’s full-size Buttercup blowdrier was well-documented on my old blog. For hair worth coveting on her travels, gift her this baby Buttercup. Small but mighty, this yellow baby Buttercup makes styling hair easy and effortless (because let’s face it, wouldn’t we prefer having more time to explore the destination than faffing about with our hair?)

Hope these ideas helped you find the gift perfect for her!

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