If you and your roommates are anything like me and mine, you love a cozy night in and a nice pamper! Here are some holiday gift ideas for your roommate so she can feel like a queen in her own abode:

1 / ChromeCast: Make weekend bingewatching a breeze with ChromeCast! This way, all she has to do is plug the ChromeCast device into her TV and control the streaming right from her phone. I love ChromeCast and recommend it to everyone I know (it makes YouTube bingeing easier, too)!

2 / Bath caddy: Sometimes it’s good to wash the day away with a warm bath and a nice glass of red. Help her keep her bathtime reads dry with this sleek bath caddy!

3 / NEST diffuser: Nothing like a warm scent to fill the room during the holiday season! Pick her up a diffuser – I love this one by NEST as their holiday scent instantly transports me to a Christmas wonderland (my absolute favorite scent 4 years in a row!)

4 / Electric kettle: I swear it’s like my roommate has a teabag to solve any ailment. Sore throat? Tea. Stomach ache? Tea. Anxiety? Tea. Can’t sleep? Tea. If your roommate is anything like mine, or she just likes tea, make it even easier to get her fix with this electric kettle.

5 / Robe: A cozy night is not complete without a fuzzy robe. A robe is a must for the ultimate at home pamper.

Here’s to hoping you found something for your roommate! Thought of something else? Leave it in the comments below! x

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