Has your friend been talking about starting her own company or is she *seriously* killing it at her new corporate gig? Get your favorite girlboss a gift she’s sure to love! Here are 5 ideas to get your holiday shopping going!

1 / Mug: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get her this gem to enjoy her morning cup of coffee (or the java to fuel her 7-to-2 grind after her corporate gig)

2 / Wire grid: Every creative workspace deserves a vision board. Help her create hers, complete with photos of dream destinations and quotes from the oft-revered Sophia Amaruso. Just think of this as a trendier and more Pinterest-y way to create a collage.

3 / Portable charger: Whether she’s answering emails during meetings or scrolling through Instagram to engage with her connections, the girlboss has an almost magical way of draining a phone battery at record speed. Keep her going with this chic portable charger.

4 / Swell bottle: More often than not, she’s chugging through the day more than she’s chugging water. Remind her to be healthy and stay hydrated with this gorgeous marble water bottle by her side. (Fact: I started drinking more water simply because my Swell bottle made the perfect aesthetic addition to my desk.)

5 / Laptop sleeve: That laptop has her whole world on it, tracking sales from her Etsy shop to storing all the product images for her next launch. Protect her tech while still being on trend with this blush Rebecca Minkoff laptop case!

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