Next up on this gift guide series, lets talk about everyone’s favorite – the blogger! Yes, your BFF has become a bonafide blogger, documenting your Sunday AM coffees and texting you at all hours asking you to like her latest IG post.

What she would love more than anything is her friend’s support! CHECK, gift given.

Secondary to that, here are some ideas to get your little content queen this holiday season!


1 / Polaroid camera: Imagine taking this along on your vacations or lookbook shoots! Fun, instant snaps that will be so great to look back on, no hashtag required!

2 / Camera mug: Is your friend a bit camera happy? Not only is the mug itself designed to look like a lens, but it’s also highly photographable.

3 / Rose gold Popsocket: For the girl who always has her iPhone on hand, why don’t you make it easier … on her hand? Get it? This has been such a small but mighty aid to capturing videos, balancing while bingewatching the latest “boyfriend does my makeup” tags on YouTube, and plus it looks super cute (especially when coupled with a rose gold iPhone!

4 / Tabletop tripod: Whether she’s filming makeup tutorials on her vanity, creating cinemagraphs by the riverside, or filming a Facebook livestream, this handy dandy mini tripod will help her keep her content looking 100 every step of the way! I have a bunch of these, can’t be without them, especially when traveling!

5 / Portable hard drive: This goes without saying – this girl is creating a LOT. Keep her organized and stress-free about file storage with an external hard drive. Tell her to rest assured, her blog photos have a home even if her iPhone says otherwise!

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