It finally feels like fall, and I couldn’t be happier. Not for the typical reasons, e.g. seasonal beverages, pumpkin-scented candles, cozy blankets, (although that’s all well and good) but more so because I moved into my new place during a weird limbo between summer and fall, didn’t buy an AC, and suffered through the heat waves in silence (/complained to everyone in earshot).

So, yes, I’m more than ready for the cold weather.

Tangent aside, my favorite season is finally here. This month I wanted to share with you a few new additions to my beauty collection that I’ve been absolutely loving:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette – $42

I know what you’re thinking. The first thing anyone asks when they see I’ve purchased this is, “Is it like subculture?” Well, I was in the small minority that actually liked the controversial subculture palette – when used correctly and with care, you could create stunning eye looks. But in terms of accessibility and ease of use, Prism is more like the beloved Modern Renaissance. Pigmentation-wise, there are some hits and some misses, as can be expected with any palette. For my uses, which range from everyday office wear to elevated evening makeup, this palette offers quite a few shades that I’m already reaching for constantly (Eternal is a golden dream). On my travels I’d bring an additional palette to support, but overall this palette is pretty versatile.


LUSH Cosmetics Twilight Shower Gel

After a particularly stressful day, I dragged my roommate into LUSH with me to find the antidote to my sadness. That’s when a sales associate introduced me to Twilight – she was super passionate about it, hyping it up almost by saying it was limited edition and just brought back for the holidays and all that. I relented and bought a small bottle. Needless to say, after I used it, I ordered the 16 oz. size online. It smells DIVINE. If it was a perfume, I’d drown myself in it. It’s a super dreamy lavender scent, but not over-the-top and artificial like cheap potpourri. It’s sweet without being sickening, and I’m just so obsessed with it. The sales associate was right. The time to get it is now.


Vichy Idéalia Night Peel

It’s no secret that my skin’s been terrible recently. The stress, the travel, the lack of sleep, coupled with pollution, smoke and other environmental aggressors make for a really crap atmosphere for my skin. Sometimes (SOMETIMES) I might even forget to remove my makeup before bed which I know is a cardinal sin and I’m sorry, but it just happens sometimes. Enter Vichy’s Idealia Peel. Before you push back with a whole shpeal about sensitive skin, don’t worry. I, too, have sensitive skin and peel is a strong word. I use this product like a toner and the glycolic acid doesn’t irritate my skin in the least. Slowly but surely it is making my large pores less noticable and normalizing the texture on my face. Whenever I use it, I coincidentally get so many compliments the next day. My secret? I owe the glow to this product!


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Initially when I set out on this new blog, I felt a little burnt out with beauty. As time passed though, I just realized it was part of me. Beauty is one of my greatest loves so in coming months you’ll find a few beauty posts sprinkled in here and there.

Let me know what you’ve been loving lately 🙂

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